Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


These Terms of Service apply to you as a member, user or advertiser in MoneyBux. As a registered MoneyBux user, you have confirmed that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you may not use our services.

1 Forum and user behaviour

1.1. You have access to read the Forum, except for the private areas.

1.2. Once you have registered and are logged in, you can post new topics or surveys and reply to or vote on those previously created on the Forum.

1.3. You must respect other users in the Forum and may be expelled from the Forum if this is not done.

1.4. You have the right to express yourself without offending other users.

1.5. Any kind of advertising, trying to get referrals, offer / exchange / request for money or services is forbidden in the messages and topics of the Forum. Creating unnecessary, meaningless messages, duplicate topics, messages with illegal content or exchanging email addresses, links to social networks and instant messaging service identifiers is also not allowed.

1.6. Any unfounded accusations, intimidation, threats, or disrespect towards MoneyBux and/or its staff or contributors, here or elsewhere, will be viewed as disrespectful and may lead to the removal of your Forum use privileges, as well as a permanent or temporary suspension of your account or any other benefits.

1.7. The creation of new topics or messages that may directly or indirectly be harmful to MoneyBux, its users, sponsors or service providers will be considered an offense and is completely prohibited.

2 User account

2.1 As your password must be kept secret we store it in an irreversible format. In the remote case that someone accesses your account illegally we will not be responsible. When you request your password, we will send you a new one by email.

2.2. You can only have one account. Any attempt to create more than one account will result in the suspension of all accounts. This also applies to your account(s) with the payment processors which have to be unique and not shared with another user.

2.3. Each ad can be seen by the same IP only once every 24 hours. To view ads, a connection must be used by a single user every 24 hours. Any attempt to do otherwise may result in the suspension of your account. On the other hand, you can use several IP addresses to log in. Logging in from proxies/VPN or network shares (such as, but not limited to, schools, LAN houses, Internet cafes, etc.) is not allowed.

2.4. Your email address will not be displayed, given or sold.

2.5. Accounts are not transferable.

2.6. MoneyBux will not modify account information at the request of its users. For security reasons, only the user himself can modify his account information, directly from the personal options page.

2.7. User accounts that use false information during registration or by modifying their personal options will be suspended.

2.8. You are only allowed to view ads with one account per computer. If more than one account sees advertisements on the same computer, all accounts will be permanently suspended.

2.9. You can only view ads from up to 3 different computers in a 10-day period. Any attempt to use more computers in the defined time will result in the suspension of your account.

2.10. You must not automatically redirect a page to MoneyBux or include MoneyBux within any other site visible or not.

2.11. Any attempt, manual or automatic, to view/update pages intensively will result in the permanent suspension of your account.

2.12. All financial amounts in your account, including purchases and collections, are displayed in United States dollars (USD) or crypto currencies.

3 Referrals

3.1. You can refer as many people as you like.

3.2. Each of your referrals, as users, must have a unique email address.

3.3. You must not send unsolicited emails or force anyone in any way to be your referral. Nor may you use any service that attempts to sell referrals. We will verify all types of incidents and could result in the suspension of your account.

3.4. Leased referrals are distributed based on their activity but we cannot predict or assure how they will behave in the future.

3.5. You will only earn for referrals obtained directly, having been referred or rented directly by you.

3.6. You may only rent referrals when they are available and always within the limits defined according to your account type and/or Package. Having more referrals than allowed will result in the deactivation of earnings from all your referrals.

3.7. The profit you make from the ads your referrals see is directly related to the amount of ads you see. If you see at least 7 ads being Standard / Pioneer, you will receive all the profit generated by your referrals. If you do not see that amount of ads, the maximum profit you will receive is only the amount of ads you have seen multiplied by your total number of referrals. The earnings of your referrals will be calculated according to their ads seen on the previous day. These calculations are based on the server time that can be viewed on the "View Ads" page. The only ads that will be taken into account are Standard and Micro ads.

3.8. A referral may never modify the user who referred him/her.

3.9. The number of direct referrals you can have is limited depending on your type of account/package and your age. You can see your limit on the page with the list of your referrals.

3.10. You can have direct referrals from the moment you register.

3.11. Letting a rented referral expire will carry a small penalty of $0.08 to $0.10. Totals will be calculated based on the total number of referrals the user has allowed to expire until none have expired in the last 30 days plus the referrals that are expiring at that time, and the fee will be processed accordingly. The referral expiration fee is deducted directly from your Master Balance. If you do not have sufficient funds, your Master Balance will be negative.

4 Anti-cheating policy

4.1. Every attempt, regardless of type, to illegally access the system will be logged.

4.2. Sometimes you will be warned, sometimes not. However, when you request payment, our monitoring system will analyze your actions and respond accordingly. Normally, attempts to enter the system illegally will result in the suspension of your account. We carry out continuous monitoring processes to ensure the stability of our systems and the security of our users' accounts.

4.3. We will inform you whether or not your account has been suspended. In the first case, an email will be sent to you. Otherwise, you will be notified as soon as you try to use any MoneyBux service.

5 Payments to users

5.1. All payments will be made through PAYEER and BITCOIN. At the moment, no other payment method is available.

5.2. All payments will be sent and delivered "manually" by the selected payment processor.

5.3. The minimum amount to request the first payment is $2.00. This amount will increase by $2.00 for each payment requested until it is paid in full. A fee may be deducted for each payment depending on the payment processor used. This fee, if any, will be shown to you as a deducted value before you confirm the collection request. Some payment methods may require a different minimum amount and will be indicated accordingly.

5.4. You can only request one payment at a time.

5.5. We are only responsible for sending your payment to the payment processor. Any further action will be handled by the support service of the payment processor.

5.6. Users are responsible for selecting their desired payment method and for correctly entering their PAYEER and BITCOIN addresses. All payments will be sent directly to the defined email addresses and cannot be cancelled. In the event that a payment fails and/or is cancelled, any applicable fees will be incurred by the user.

5.7. After requesting a payment, the user will have to wait 7 days before being able to request another payment. This time limit may vary.

5.8. Users must accept payments made to their PAYEER or BITCOIN addresses within 15 calendar days or their payment will be cancelled and not refunded.

5.9. Any refund of a payment we send you will be ignored and will not be returned to your account or resent.

5.10. You cannot request a payment if you have let 100 or more rental referrals expire in the last 30 days.

6 Announcements

6.1. All advertised sites are displayed within a rectangular poster and it is the responsibility of the advertiser to verify that the site being advertised works and is displayed within as expected. We accept any type of advertisement except for pages that: have malicious code, redirect to other pages, do not serve all content over HTTPS, have adult content, illegal content and sell referrals. Any ads using the MoneyBux name for unrelated services are not allowed. If the advertised page does not finish loading within 10 seconds the progress bar will start counting the seconds you have been viewing the advertisement anyway. The advertised web page has to be able to support multiple visits per second.

6.2. As a user, you can only earn for each ad once every 24 hours.

6.3. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement whose exposure is not appropriate.

6.4. Ads can be viewed from a mobile phone / tablet without problems. Ads can be viewed by touch.

7 Payments to Moneybux and refunds

7.1. All payments must be made using the links available in "your account". No other method will be accepted.

7.2. No payments are refundable as they are services offered at the time of purchase. In case there is a problem with one of your purchases you can always contact our support by creating a support ticket.

7.3. All returns or claims for your payments will result in the immediate suspension of your account. This suspension will be evaluated according to the causes that generated it. If this occurs by mistake or accident, please contact us as soon as possible.

8 Suspension of accounts

8.1. We have the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason including, but not limited to, violation of our Terms of Service.

8.2. For any account suspended for violation of these Terms of Service the balance will be reset to zero, all associated referrals will be released and any other penalties may apply. The only exception would be a temporary suspension for inactivity, which would only result in the principal balance being reset to zero.

8.3. Any permanently suspended account will be archived preventing the reuse of the username or email addresses.

8.4. After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 60 days of inactivity.

8.5. We will not delete accounts for any reason, whether they are active or suspended.

9 Responsibility

9.1. MoneyBux will not be liable for any delays or failures which are not directly related to MoneyBux and are therefore beyond our control.

9.2. MoneyBux reserves the right to alter the Terms of Service at any time, including but not limited to fees, special offers, benefits and rules, and also reserves the right to cancel its services at any time without notice and issue refunds in this particular case. Any major changes to these terms, and the reasons for them, will be announced in advance. In addition, events outside our control will be announced when they occur.

9.3. MoneyBux is not responsible for its users, advertisers or announcements. This also includes all providers we depend on.

9.4. MoneyBux is not responsible for any fees for payments you receive from us. It is your responsibility to declare what you have received and to pay the taxes of your country.

9.5. English and Spanish are the main languages of the site. Any other language has been translated from the main language. If you have any doubts about using any of these translations you should consult the English page. We disclaim any responsibility in case of a bad translation.